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Top 10 real estate company logo designs in the world

Top 10 real estate company logo designs in the world

With industry standards of commission, many rely on their decisions to build a reputation for the company. Much of a company's reputation is based not only on revenue and true integrity, but also on its image, which is depicted by real estate logos and other visual images. Here are the top 10 simple, impressive real estate company logo designs in the world:

1. Logo Forestar Group Realtor
Forestar Group not only focuses on real estate but also on natural resources. Sample design brand logo  they are related to both the name and purpose of the organization. A white star is wrapped in a green hexagon shape. Lines protrude like petioles but also suggest movement.

2. Tenantwise Realtor logo
Tenantwise is a company that changed its logo a few years ago to reflect the merger and focus on a new company. Although the old real estate logo features a skyscraper with blue and green colors, the new logo has the attention of blue and orange. The squares are used to show the company's credibility, but the layout is shaped like a traditional window.

3. I-Agent Realtorn Logo
As the name suggests, is a website that provides real estate advice, information and referrals to home buyers and sellers. The gray logo of a stylized roof with the slogan at the bottom of the real estate logo: 'the intelligent way to buy a home'. The only real color included in the logo is the orange used in both the 'I' and the word 'intelligent', indicating that 'I' is not only the internet domain name but also comes from our own slogan. .

4. Logo Century 21 Realtor
Century 21 is a national real estate company with locations in most towns in the United States. Because this company specializes in commercial real estate, just looking at their logo shows a stylized house inside. The writing is also stylized and rounded, with the 'C' forming almost a complete circle, which is a friendly and inviting shape. With the message, this is a friendly place that will help you find a suitable home.

5. Logo Jones Lang LaSalle Realtor
You may not have known Jones Lang LaSalle yet, but if you have bought or sold international real estate then you have a good chance to do business with this company or one of its subsidiaries. This global giant has a symbol to fit its scope, with three intertwined loops. The number three represents the three words in the name. The company name is written in a traditional newsy font.

6. Logo Keller Williams Realtor
Keller Williams is another real estate chain with a long history in the United States. Their logo focuses on the name rather than the industry, with the company name in bold, noticeable in traditional red fonts. The company's initials are featured at the top, designed in an artistic, scrollable font. The use of lines adds balance and gives the logo a firmer and more memorable square.

7. Logo Taurus Investment Holdings Realtor
Taurus Investment Holdings is a real estate investment and management group. This logo has a cow used inside; However, its aggressive image is calmed by letting it turn away from the viewer. The road behind shows the movement and forward of the company. Because the term "cow" often represents a bull market.

8. Logo The Related Companies Realtor
The company is involved in real estate and focuses on housing development more. The logo is a peaceful green color with white writing and rounded edges to show its humanistic side. The company logo is displayed with the boxes to the left of the logo. This group of companies includes many different styles and images and this logo represents those images without any fading details.

9. Logo of Christian Real Estate Network Realtor
The Christian Real Estate Network is a network of religious real estate professionals, comprised of people from a wide range of backgrounds and backgrounds, offering recommendations to those interested in doing business with religion. their spear. The logo includes a house, as well as many other real estate symbols, but the color is a green one. A cross is in the house, to show the religious affiliation of the company, but it is surrounded by heart-like shapes, in association with the maxim, "the house is the heart. ".

10. Logo Westgate Resorts Realtor
Westgate Resorts is a real estate group focusing primarily on the southeastern regions of the United States. The name is prominently designed in luxurious gold color, in a font that seems to be painted. The other main color is blue, which is related to the waterfront positions of many of these companies. The logo consists of a circle, which is a friendly shape, along with the company's 25th anniversary number inside.

As you can see, there is a lot of difference between these companies, the difference described by  their professional logo designs . A logo is more than just an attractive logo; It is also an image that represents your company's values ​​and history. Having a professional logo designed by a professional graphic artist is the first step to getting a logo that expresses your company's uniqueness without words.


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