Friday, November 8, 2019

Definition of a logo

What is a logo

A logo is a set of symbols, shapes, colors and letters, which are associated with a brand and reflect its corporate identity.
The logo will be present in any interaction between the company or product and the customer, before the sale, during the sale, during the use of the product, and possibly at the beginning of the next cycle.
The logo can affect this process, making it easier or harder . Hence the importance of paying close attention to the design of the image, so that it is attractive and professional, and can be easily identified and remembered.

How to design your logo

When examining several proposals for the design of a logo, we must find that they meet several conditions , of which there are three that are fundamental . To function well, for a given company, a logo must be:
The client must be able to remember the logo after seeing it, and must be able to remember the company he represents. It helps that you have some detail that makes it special, that attracts attention.
The logo must be able to represent your company, and be somehow specific to it. Although it is possible to have a completely abstract logo, it is much better if you express something important .
Only, Your logo must be reasonably different from any other in your neighborhood and market. The logo serves to identify you, not to confuse you.


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