Friday, October 18, 2019

What are the worst logo designs

6 of the worst logos ever

The logo of a company is like a person's business card, it talks about their personality as a brand, if they are careful with their image or the services they provide to the consumer. What makes a logo good or bad graphically speaking, can be due to many factors, but mainly to the image that it puts in the mind of the consumer when he sees it, with what it associates it, what it refers to. The great logos of history have seen the need to transform, become simpler or in some cases be updated to current times. In this context we show several examples of what not to do in terms of logos.
What are the worst logo designs

Similar case happened with the logo of the Arlington Pediatric Center , which was after a few years replaced by one with more medical sense than the previous one.
For many designers the last big fiasco of a brand's logo was the one used in the last London 2012 Olympics , a large sector looked like Lisa Simpson - from the famous series - doing oral sex. Too much imagination or a horrible logo? Judge you.
What are the worst logo designs

The logo of a chain of Japanese food restaurants in the United States called Sunrise Sushi is eloquently unpleasant. In addition to not transmitting anything graphically about the brand, the image gives a double meaning. For the very poorly thought the image refers to a Japanese building with the red sun at the back, as a sunset.
It is not a joke in bad taste. The logo of the Sherwin-Williams paint brand remains today as it is observed, with the image of a can of red paint remaining on the world, although many would think it was blood. Would you change it?
What are the worst logo designs

The logo of the European clothing firm A-Style logo was born before it was presented, in 1989, when the brand was launched in Italy a decade later. For many marketers the launch of the brand was due to a good guerrilla marketing exercise where the creator of the logo upholstered cities like Miami, Moscow and London with the logo, where newspapers and television began to be interested in the strange appearances of the image graph. Still, the logo is not nice, do you like it?

Gap had released a new logo in 2010, in which he renounced the white letters inside a blue box to now appear in black and with a blue square blurred on the right side. A week and more than two thousand comments later on the brand's Facebook page , it was enough for Gap to return to its original logo. It was not the case of an ugly or unpleasant logo, simply the fans of the brand did not accept it, and there is not much to do.
What are the worst logo designs
The case of the Telcel brand is a clear example of a logo that would have fulfilled its graphic cycle, because in it you can see the image of a cell phone that now looks a bit old - a mobile phone with antenna -, giving the brand a feeling of "old fashioned". Renewed or die.


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