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How to choose the perfect font for your logo

How to choose the perfect font for your logo

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Choosing the source of your logo is a very important step in the design, it is certainly not something you can neglect. Since your logo is at the center of your brand's identity, it must represent it. Also, with all the fonts available in the Free Logo Design editor, it's easy to get lost. Serif, Sans-serif, Script, you have probably heard these terms, but you have never understood their meaning. 

To illustrate, we have divided the sources into 4 categories and compiled some tips to make your choice.

The first category of fonts are Serif fonts. Serif fonts have serifs (auctions, skates or terminals) at the ends of the letters. They were created to give an illusion of a line under the letters to facilitate reading in large blocks of text as in a novel. This type of font is quite neutral, they give a classic and older touch to your logo. It also inspires reliability and tradition. The Serif font is used for the image of a respectable and professional company, to give it a reliable, as well as timeless appearance.

Then we have the category of Sans-serif. As you may have guessed, these are the sources that do not have auctions, skates or terminals. Sans-serif fonts are simpler and clearer because they do not have a wheelbase. Usually they look more modern and human. Increasingly, companies use sans-serif fonts for their logo during a redesign, as they are more web-friendly. This type of font can be used in almost any type of logo or company since they are also quite neutral. On the other hand, take into account that they will give a minimalist and modern look to your business.

Script fonts have a little more personality than the last two categories. They look like calligraphy and are softer than Serif or Sans-serif, they probably give a more feminine or elegant character to your logo. However, you should be careful since Script fonts are often less readable than the other two categories. Therefore, you should make sure you think about using your logo when choosing your font to make sure your logo is readable.

Free Logo Design also has a lot of other different fonts, which do not belong to any of the three previous categories. These are decorative fountains that have more personality. More futuristic, gothic or even children's fonts, something for everyone. These types of fonts can be very interesting to use in a logo, since they have more personality, and can represent your company if they are well used. However, be careful not to fall into the "cheesy", since these sources are usually very striking. Use them sparingly, combined with very simple sources (sans-serif), or simply in short words.


Now that you know the different categories of sources, you can make a more informed decision. On the other hand, it is not only your preference, you must take into account your target audience and the spirit of your company in your decision, to find the source that best suits your business.

Target audiences
To make sure you choose the best font for your logo, think about who your logo is aimed at. Who is the target audience of your company? The type of person you are talking about is very important when it comes to making the choice of the source. You will surely choose a different source if it is a toy store than if it is a law firm, since these two companies do not target the same public.
In addition to your target audience, the source you choose should represent your business. It must fit perfectly in the identity of your brand. The source must be consistent with your type of business and the values ​​you wish to convey. Do you want to look dynamic, professional or fun? Are you a great fancy restaurant or the local canteen? All this will have a great impact on the choice of its source.

Sometimes, choosing a single font for your logo will be perfect. In other cases, two fonts will be needed to build your ideal logo. If you have to combine two sources, one will be the main source, another will be more secondary. To perfectly combine your fonts, try not to choose them too similar. Contrast is the key to a good typographic combination. You can go more conservative, combining a serif and sans-serif font or choose a more daring style, combining two completely different decorative fonts. No matter what path you take, make sure you have a good contrast and use sources that are complementary.

To illustrate further, here are some concrete suggestions of sources available in Free Logo Design, to use in your logo, according to your type of logo. For a florist, or a company in the field of wedding planning, Script sources such as Pacifico, La Belle Aurore or Zeyada will be perfect to represent the sweetness and femininity associated with the company. If your business is more corporate or serious, a simpler and neutral source like Esteban or Cinzel would be ideal. Otherwise, in the same style, but giving a more human or accessible side, we have the Montserrat and Raleway fonts, which are two sans-serif fonts that seem more human. They are also very modern, so they are ideal for technology companies.


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