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A good logo design

A good logo design

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good logo design
Your company logo is a vital piece of the corporate image. It is the hallmark by which your potential customers will identify your brand on all occasions. Our logo is our reference image. Something with which our clients can identify us in different contexts and allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is an image in which we try to “hook up” the characteristics that define us as a company, that help us build our identity and that send a message to the world about what we do and how we do it.

Many times we do not recognize the due importance to the logo design. The logo design should be a thoughtful decision since it will be our final cover letter.

Characteristics of a good logo

A good logo should be simple and not have superficial decorative elements that are not essential to convey our message as a brand.
It must be original, easily remembered and identifiable. The idea is to differentiate yourself from the rest so that our brand stands out from the others.
You must capture the essence of the brand , so when designing it, it is essential to know both the brand and the target audience of it.
A good logo must be attractive to the target audience of the brand. It is not the same to design for a child target audience than for a target audience made up of middle-aged men. The colors, shapes and symbols must be adapted to the audience we are addressing. To put yourself in the shoes of your brand's target audience, you can use a tool like empathy map .
It must be reproducible at any size (be vectorized). That way we can use it on our business cards, to label a truck or to make our local sign. If your logo is not vectorized, you will have problems if one day you want to retouch it, use it on a large surface, etc.
Be adaptable to different formats: It should look good in all types of sizes, for example on a mobile screen, such as the favicon of your website ... It should also work if we use it as a watermark, with or without background, in negative , in black and white…
It is important that it is present in all the elements of the company: the sign of the premises, the letterhead of an invoice, the signature of an e-mail… any site is good to spread it.
It must be timeless:  Although the ideal is to have a logo that is timeless and survives as time goes by, small tweaks and modernizations are a good way to keep up and project a dynamic image. Changing the logo when our customers already identify us with an image is a mistake.


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