The best collection of free real estate logo designs

The best collection of free real estate logo designs

Tips and steps to design a good logo, with examples

Designing a logo may seem quick and easy, in fact some clients try to save themselves a little money by making their company logo themselves instead of hiring a professional designer, however, making a good quality logo has its difficulty.

7 tips to design your own logo

Designing a logo for oneself is not the same as doing it for a company. Suddenly we become more undecided, it is never our taste and once finished we want to change it every week. I know because it happened to me. I propose some guidelines to design your own logo and hit the first one.

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How do I find a good logo designer?

A logo is a set of symbols, shapes, colors and letters, which are associated with a brand and reflect its corporate identity.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Best real estate logos

The 4 Real Estates that a good logo should have
Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos

When facing the process of designing a logo, the designer has to gather the maximum amount of information to get an idea as complete as possible about the type of company he intends to represent: services or products he offers, company philosophy, target audience, etc ...

Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos
A good logo is one that manages to transmit all the characteristics of a company or service, representing it in a coherent way and getting the attention of the client through a message that empathizes with its values, preferences, lifestyle, etc ...

That message sent by the logo is visual and semantic: They have a shape, a typography, some colors ... and it also has a meaning. Both the form and the text should "talk" about the company or product behind it.

It is difficult to establish some general principles on how a good logo should be, because there are so many types of logos as types of products: handmade, conservative, exclusive, radical, unique ...

However, if we can establish a series of points inherent to any good logo:

When facing the process of designing a logo, the designer has to gather the maximum amount of information to get an idea as complete as possible about the type of company he intends to represent: services or products he offers, company philosophy, target audience, etc ...

A good logo is one that manages to transmit all the characteristics of a company or service, representing it in a coherent way and getting the attention of the client through a message that empathizes with its values, preferences, lifestyle, etc ...

However, if we can establish a series of points inherent to any good logo:

1. Legible

Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos

A logo should never convey doubts about the name of the company or brand. Readability is a basic factor, and many times for the sake of creativity many designers cross this line because they have found a very interesting idea: sometimes we want the isotype to replace a letter taking advantage of its formal resemblance, or we want to write the whole word in a continuous line so that the shape of a letter is part of the following, or we give priority to an aesthetic harmony even if what it says is not well understood:

The fact that a logo has several meanings at the same time is very good, it is one of the details that makes a logo good, but we must not force things, if the text is not perfectly legible we should postpone that trip perhaps to another logo.

You also have to be careful with using too ornate fonts or experimenting with them, using different colors in the text that highlight some letters in front of others, using different sizes of letters in the same word, etc ...

When designing the isotype we must look for originality, but also a clear reading that does not invite errors. Always the best logo will be the one that with the minimum expression is able to synthesize the maximum. That is why we must try to find minimalism and remove everything that is unnecessary.

2. Adaptable

Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos

A good logo must be able to adapt to all types of formats and types of reproduction. Sometimes this can limit us a little in creativity but above all there must always be the need to communicate a company through its logo.

Therefore, when designing, we must think at least that it can have several versions: in negative, grayscale, in a single ink and a good readability when it is reduced. A logo must be designed to expand the image of the company in all types of formats: a web, printed, embroidered, printed, screen printed, etc ... not to limit or create communication problems for that company.
We must therefore avoid detailed illustrations, made with watercolor, excessively light colors, complicated color gradients, etc ... they can be beautiful logos, but they are not good logos because they do not comply with the principle of adaptability.
These logos are beautiful but what if we have to reduce them or put them in black and white? Well, they don't read or lose part of their meaning because it was based on color.

3. Coherent:

As we anticipated before, it is important to be well informed about the characteristics of the company before starting to design the logo. The graphic image of a supermarket that bases its success on its economic prices has nothing to do with another that sells "gourmet" products. We may fall into the error of thinking that quality product logos are usually better than logos for “Luxury Florida” brands.

Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos

A logo is made to fulfill a mission: to convey the best possible service or product that is hidden behind. Therefore, we must look carefully when designing if we want to convey elegance, savings, transgression, originality ... and always do well, adapting to each client.

4. Enduring:
We all have in our minds logo designs that have been in our lives for years, enduring above fashion, unalterable over time: Montano Movments ...

Best real estate logos
Best real estate logos

They are brands that do not need to be accompanied by the name to identify them. They are examples of success at the image level and if we look at them all coincide in several aspects that we have indicated above:

They have definition, clear and blunt lines. there is simplicity, minimalism, and they perfectly represent the golden rule of design.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

How can I start a real estate business

How can I start a real estate business

Curt Sutherland started at 19, forty years ago, when his wife and he bought their first townhouse. It cost around $48K if I recall. they lived in it for seven months and sold it for a $7K net profit.

they moved and built a house. They sold that and built another house. In the mean time, they had invested in five acres on a major Austin highway, but way out of town. (They held that property a little over thirty years before we decided to sell it. By then, the town had grown out to where our land was. The property was worth approximately sixty-eight times what They had paid for it).

They sold the house that they were living in, had raised they children in, and loved dearly
 It was the perfect house for them, but they sold it, took the profits, put the minimum down on another home to live in, and started buying investment properties.
Before long they were buying commercial properties to add to our rent houses. Then they started selling off our residential units to acquire more commercial properties.

Now they pretty much just invest in commercial units. They bought a small shopping center in San Antonio, about 75 miles away, a few months ago. That was their most recent purchase.

They are currently trying to buy out the last remaining tenant’s lease on one of the other properties that them own. That should cost them somewhere between $270K to $400K, They hope. Once that is accomplished, and that tenant has moved, They can begin construction on a fifty-million-dollar 253-unit luxury apartment community with 5,000’ of high-end retail.
It all started with a thousand-dollar down payment… forty years ago.
Update:They ended up offering them last remaining tenant (a public company) $750,000 just to move out of the space they were in. They refused. It looks like they stuck with them for another six and a half years. They was really hoping to build that larger project in their space. They may end up just building above them and around them. It won't be as beautiful a building as I had hoped, but it also will feel alright to not have to pay them $750K just to move out. They used a standard Texas Commercial lease instead of my regular lease contracts and now They regretting that decision. Things can change so fast when you are working with real estate deals, but it's all good. They will end up paying them a little under another million dollars in rent during that time and the property will likely double in value during the next six years.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

A good logo design

A good logo design

monogram logo, badge logo
good logo design
Your company logo is a vital piece of the corporate image. It is the hallmark by which your potential customers will identify your brand on all occasions. Our logo is our reference image. Something with which our clients can identify us in different contexts and allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is an image in which we try to “hook up” the characteristics that define us as a company, that help us build our identity and that send a message to the world about what we do and how we do it.

Many times we do not recognize the due importance to the logo design. The logo design should be a thoughtful decision since it will be our final cover letter.

Characteristics of a good logo

A good logo should be simple and not have superficial decorative elements that are not essential to convey our message as a brand.
It must be original, easily remembered and identifiable. The idea is to differentiate yourself from the rest so that our brand stands out from the others.
You must capture the essence of the brand , so when designing it, it is essential to know both the brand and the target audience of it.
A good logo must be attractive to the target audience of the brand. It is not the same to design for a child target audience than for a target audience made up of middle-aged men. The colors, shapes and symbols must be adapted to the audience we are addressing. To put yourself in the shoes of your brand's target audience, you can use a tool like empathy map .
It must be reproducible at any size (be vectorized). That way we can use it on our business cards, to label a truck or to make our local sign. If your logo is not vectorized, you will have problems if one day you want to retouch it, use it on a large surface, etc.
Be adaptable to different formats: It should look good in all types of sizes, for example on a mobile screen, such as the favicon of your website ... It should also work if we use it as a watermark, with or without background, in negative , in black and white…
It is important that it is present in all the elements of the company: the sign of the premises, the letterhead of an invoice, the signature of an e-mail… any site is good to spread it.
It must be timeless:  Although the ideal is to have a logo that is timeless and survives as time goes by, small tweaks and modernizations are a good way to keep up and project a dynamic image. Changing the logo when our customers already identify us with an image is a mistake.

Friday, October 18, 2019

5 tips to create an outstanding logo

5 tips to create an outstanding logo

Your logo is the face of your company. It is usually the first thing people see and the thing they remember most. If you asked us, most of us could identify some iconic logos, be it Coca-Cola cursive letters or NIKE's popcorn And that is the point: you must invest time in creating a perfect logo that is stored in people's minds.
"Other people should be able to speak for your brand," says Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On . "You love your company, you think it is wonderful, but if you are not here to tell others, what will people remember and tell other people?"
The best logos have several things in common. Berger says there are five keys to creating a successful logo:

1. Simplicity

The main element of the best logos is its simplicity. "A good way to think in terms of simplicity is to analyze how many moving parts are in the logo," says Berger. For example, the old Apple logo was rainbow, while the current one is in solid black or grayscale. That simplicity makes the logo easier to see, something that consumers appreciate.

"The easier it is to process things, the more we like them," says Berger. For that reason, many brands have aesthetic elements that are easy to digest. Other major brands such as IKEA, IBM and Coca-Cola follow this rule. "It's hard to find iconic logos that have more than two or three colors," he says.

2. Brand Consistency

Your logo will inform customers about your brand, so you must ensure that the design matches your company's message. Consider again the Apple logo. A few decades ago, Berger says, "the multicolored had an association with freedom and charisma," but that is no longer the case. Although Apple's old logo connoted the free spirit of a new company that was threatening the giants, its current position as one of the most successful companies requires the futuristic image it now has.

Even so, the Apple logo is lighter and friendlier than the IBM logo that is “dark and imposing,” says Berger. "That is consistent with the message Apple wants to give: We are technology, but friendly and easy-to-use technology." If you are starting a new company, you should seriously think about the key characteristics of your brand and how you want to include them in the logo.

3. Make it memorable

This means that you create a logo that is easy for consumers to remember, which will help you attract customers by word of mouth , says Berger. Your logo should "help remind you that you exist and why you exist."
Simplicity generally helps make logos more memorable, but interestingly "a bit of inconsistency," it can also help increase memory according to Berger. If the Apple logo didn't have a bite "it could be easier to process, but harder to remember since it would be equal to thousands of things you've seen before." Therefore, put something different or unexpected in your logo to make it easier to stand out.

4. Make it amazing

This element is what makes your logo stand out and help you differentiate yourself from the competition. TalentBin, a search engine that helps entrepreneurs find talent, has a logo that exemplifies its quality. The logo consists of a cartoon of a purple squirrel in a unicorn. Although it seems ridiculous, it has a meaning: "In the recruitment industry, a 'purple squirrel' is a kind of difficult person to find," says Berger. "It is a way to show that they are infiltrated, that they know the culture."
The purple squirrel is not the main TalentBin logo , but is generally used internally in conferences and promotional materials given at industry events. “If you are an established company, you may not want such an extraordinary logo,” says Berger. "But if you are a startup you need to take risks."

5. Evaluate it in the market

Finally, if you don't trust your instincts when designing your logo, do a market study, Berger recommends. You can do this through the internet and social networks, simply by asking people. The point is not to assume that your logo is great. Before printing your business cards, get feedback on whether your logo says what you want it to say.

What are the worst logo designs

6 of the worst logos ever

The logo of a company is like a person's business card, it talks about their personality as a brand, if they are careful with their image or the services they provide to the consumer. What makes a logo good or bad graphically speaking, can be due to many factors, but mainly to the image that it puts in the mind of the consumer when he sees it, with what it associates it, what it refers to. The great logos of history have seen the need to transform, become simpler or in some cases be updated to current times. In this context we show several examples of what not to do in terms of logos.
What are the worst logo designs

Similar case happened with the logo of the Arlington Pediatric Center , which was after a few years replaced by one with more medical sense than the previous one.
For many designers the last big fiasco of a brand's logo was the one used in the last London 2012 Olympics , a large sector looked like Lisa Simpson - from the famous series - doing oral sex. Too much imagination or a horrible logo? Judge you.
What are the worst logo designs

The logo of a chain of Japanese food restaurants in the United States called Sunrise Sushi is eloquently unpleasant. In addition to not transmitting anything graphically about the brand, the image gives a double meaning. For the very poorly thought the image refers to a Japanese building with the red sun at the back, as a sunset.
It is not a joke in bad taste. The logo of the Sherwin-Williams paint brand remains today as it is observed, with the image of a can of red paint remaining on the world, although many would think it was blood. Would you change it?
What are the worst logo designs

The logo of the European clothing firm A-Style logo was born before it was presented, in 1989, when the brand was launched in Italy a decade later. For many marketers the launch of the brand was due to a good guerrilla marketing exercise where the creator of the logo upholstered cities like Miami, Moscow and London with the logo, where newspapers and television began to be interested in the strange appearances of the image graph. Still, the logo is not nice, do you like it?

Gap had released a new logo in 2010, in which he renounced the white letters inside a blue box to now appear in black and with a blue square blurred on the right side. A week and more than two thousand comments later on the brand's Facebook page , it was enough for Gap to return to its original logo. It was not the case of an ugly or unpleasant logo, simply the fans of the brand did not accept it, and there is not much to do.
What are the worst logo designs
The case of the Telcel brand is a clear example of a logo that would have fulfilled its graphic cycle, because in it you can see the image of a cell phone that now looks a bit old - a mobile phone with antenna -, giving the brand a feeling of "old fashioned". Renewed or die.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to choose the perfect font for your logo

How to choose the perfect font for your logo

Amazing Real estate logo design

Choosing the source of your logo is a very important step in the design, it is certainly not something you can neglect. Since your logo is at the center of your brand's identity, it must represent it. Also, with all the fonts available in the Free Logo Design editor, it's easy to get lost. Serif, Sans-serif, Script, you have probably heard these terms, but you have never understood their meaning. 

To illustrate, we have divided the sources into 4 categories and compiled some tips to make your choice.

The first category of fonts are Serif fonts. Serif fonts have serifs (auctions, skates or terminals) at the ends of the letters. They were created to give an illusion of a line under the letters to facilitate reading in large blocks of text as in a novel. This type of font is quite neutral, they give a classic and older touch to your logo. It also inspires reliability and tradition. The Serif font is used for the image of a respectable and professional company, to give it a reliable, as well as timeless appearance.

Then we have the category of Sans-serif. As you may have guessed, these are the sources that do not have auctions, skates or terminals. Sans-serif fonts are simpler and clearer because they do not have a wheelbase. Usually they look more modern and human. Increasingly, companies use sans-serif fonts for their logo during a redesign, as they are more web-friendly. This type of font can be used in almost any type of logo or company since they are also quite neutral. On the other hand, take into account that they will give a minimalist and modern look to your business.

Script fonts have a little more personality than the last two categories. They look like calligraphy and are softer than Serif or Sans-serif, they probably give a more feminine or elegant character to your logo. However, you should be careful since Script fonts are often less readable than the other two categories. Therefore, you should make sure you think about using your logo when choosing your font to make sure your logo is readable.

Free Logo Design also has a lot of other different fonts, which do not belong to any of the three previous categories. These are decorative fountains that have more personality. More futuristic, gothic or even children's fonts, something for everyone. These types of fonts can be very interesting to use in a logo, since they have more personality, and can represent your company if they are well used. However, be careful not to fall into the "cheesy", since these sources are usually very striking. Use them sparingly, combined with very simple sources (sans-serif), or simply in short words.


Now that you know the different categories of sources, you can make a more informed decision. On the other hand, it is not only your preference, you must take into account your target audience and the spirit of your company in your decision, to find the source that best suits your business.

Target audiences
To make sure you choose the best font for your logo, think about who your logo is aimed at. Who is the target audience of your company? The type of person you are talking about is very important when it comes to making the choice of the source. You will surely choose a different source if it is a toy store than if it is a law firm, since these two companies do not target the same public.
In addition to your target audience, the source you choose should represent your business. It must fit perfectly in the identity of your brand. The source must be consistent with your type of business and the values ​​you wish to convey. Do you want to look dynamic, professional or fun? Are you a great fancy restaurant or the local canteen? All this will have a great impact on the choice of its source.

Sometimes, choosing a single font for your logo will be perfect. In other cases, two fonts will be needed to build your ideal logo. If you have to combine two sources, one will be the main source, another will be more secondary. To perfectly combine your fonts, try not to choose them too similar. Contrast is the key to a good typographic combination. You can go more conservative, combining a serif and sans-serif font or choose a more daring style, combining two completely different decorative fonts. No matter what path you take, make sure you have a good contrast and use sources that are complementary.

To illustrate further, here are some concrete suggestions of sources available in Free Logo Design, to use in your logo, according to your type of logo. For a florist, or a company in the field of wedding planning, Script sources such as Pacifico, La Belle Aurore or Zeyada will be perfect to represent the sweetness and femininity associated with the company. If your business is more corporate or serious, a simpler and neutral source like Esteban or Cinzel would be ideal. Otherwise, in the same style, but giving a more human or accessible side, we have the Montserrat and Raleway fonts, which are two sans-serif fonts that seem more human. They are also very modern, so they are ideal for technology companies.