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What is the best way to get property with little capital

What is the best way to get property with little capital?

Opening a business of your own is practically the dream of all Mexicans. Most of us would like to run our own company, be our own boss and, above all, expand our revenues this way.

However, not all people have the value that is required to be able to undertake, execute and achieve the long-awaited dream of developing a company that fully carries our DNA.

There are dozens of pretexts that we hear every day and that are related to the fear that exists to undertake, but without a doubt one of the most constant is the one that has to do with the issue of money.

People often think that only with capital can a company be opened, which is partly important, but not having money does not mean that we are definitely disabled from the possibility of opening a company.

Breaking the paradigm
An example of this is the experience that Leonel Hernández y Brito, business advisor and co-owner of the creative technology agency ConceptApps, a company that he inaugurated at the time he had least imagined.

After leaving his job for a typical cut of staff and knocking several doors without success, this Mexican entrepreneur decided to play the whole for the whole to open, with his wife, his own business.

Virtually without a weight in the bag and with two old computers that he had at home, Leonel started a company focused on the development of web pages and graphic design that gradually came forward.

Although the start of the company was complex, because the entrepreneur did not know how to sell and what services to offer, the business began to walk after much effort and learning.
Leonel and his company ConceptApps are proof that to start a company you don't need thousands of pesos to invest, but that everything is in the eagerness you have to conquer a goal.

How to achieve it?
Overcoming the fear of undertaking without enough money is complicated, since having some extra bills and coins will always give us security, however, the entrepreneur and business advisor ensures that everything is in how we manage our earnings and in which we invest them.

Everything he has learned since the opening of his company until today, allows Leonel to make seven important recommendations to those people who want to undertake, but who do not have enough money to do so. Here we present them.

1. Enter the field you know
The expert maintains from the outset that the turn you choose for your business must know it perfectly, this with the objective that you handle yourself much better in the niche and know how to go in it to succeed.

In addition, the more you know the sector in which you are, the better use you will give the money you have destined to boost your company, avoiding unnecessary expenses that could end up affecting you.

2. Don't pay rents
Leonel Hernández explains that an expense that you should definitely save is the payment of income for physical spaces. Unless you're considering opening a food business, like a restaurant, don't pay for offices or stores.

Lean on Internet platforms if your goal is to sell products definitely use your home as your company's operations center. Visit your customers at their facilities always.

3. Reduce your staff
Try to pay only the wages of workers that are essential and basic for your company and try to do most of the day-to-day work in the company yourself. Something that can be very effective for you is the fact of hiring freelance workers depending on the needs that are presented and paying employees per project.

4. Prepare your business plan
The advisor ensures that this is one of the most important steps to succeed and overcome the issue of low economic capital, because the better you have defined your goals, the better your results.

Three key questions that you must answer with your business plan are: why did you put your business? What are your company's goals? And what gradual goals will you have in the future?

5. Higher income, lower expenses
For Leonel Hernández it is very important that given the little capital you have to invest in your business, perform bimonthly or quarterly evaluations whose objective is to see how you can increase your income and reduce your expenses.

Esta actividad le ayudará a tu empresa a convertirse en un negocio rentable que genere los ingresos que necesitas y tenga una vida mayor a la que tienen las Pymes en nuestro país.

6. Turn the Internet into your school
Internet was one of the platforms that most helped this entrepreneur to fulfill his objective, since in addition to allowing him to position his company, he supported him with greater knowledge. Leonel Hernández tried to learn more about the development of companies not in a school, but on the web, where he observed advice and tutorials in relevant sites to prop up the company.

7. Beware of your dream business!
Finally, the expert advises entrepreneurs to be careful with that business of their dreams that they have wanted to undertake throughout their lives, since it can make them lose their minds.

Many times we have so much faith in a possible company that it can make us spend more money than we have in order to materialize it. It will be much more important that you evaluate the niches in which there is a greater chance of success and opt for one of them.


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