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How do I get started as a recently licensed real estate agent?

Get started as a recently licensed real estate agent

The real estate market may have big ups and downs, but in New York City, it generally remains stable. If you want to be part of this business, follow the steps we provide in the report and you can become a real estate agent in New York City.
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Step 1
You must obtain a license. You must enroll in a recognized real estate institute that offers the 40-hour basic course on real estate sales. When you finish the course, you must take the Department of State (D.O.S.) exam, which is passed with a minimum of 80 points. Remember that, regardless of your experience in the real estate field, you will not get a position as a real estate representative in New York City if you do not have a valid and current real estate license from this state.

Step 2
You must have a sponsoring agent. A sponsoring agent with a valid license is a person or group of people who own or work in a real estate company. If they agree to incorporate a new real estate representative as an independent contractor, the agent acts as a sponsor of the new representative and is responsible for the actions that he performs in real estate transactions.

Step 3
Choose the right real estate agent you want to work with. Many rookie representatives make the mistake of accepting employment at the first real estate company that offers them a position. However, before accepting employment, you should find out the following questions: know if the company offers training, if you must reach a minimum of transactions, how the opportunities for sale or rent are generated and if you will have a budget to use in advertising.

Step 4
Sales or rentals? The real estate business generates money only with the commissions you get, you do not receive a salary determined by the work you do. Many of the real estate representatives that start in the New York City market, start working with property rentals, which also requires having the same license as a sales agent. The income market attracts many novice representatives because each transaction is carried out faster and allows them to obtain money during the first weeks of the beginning of employment. In addition, it is a very good way to learn how the real estate business works.

Step 5
Keep in mind that you probably don't close too many deals at the beginning of your career. Often, representatives of novice real estate rentals must wait several weeks or even several months to start earning profits; Sales representatives may have to wait about a year. Make sure you have some savings to survive during the first months until you can settle in the real estate business. Remember that the company where you work can ask you to pay your business cards and advertising fees and desk fees.

Step 6
Get ready to work hard! If you are lazy and sensitive, the real estate business is not a smart choice to choose from. If you become a real estate representative in New York, it is likely that you often have to work many hours and irregular hours, in addition to running into erratic personalities and competing with your colleagues.

Step 7
Find a mentor. Usually, real estate companies do not offer training programs, so it is a good idea to interact with an experienced real estate agent to show you how the market works.


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