Thursday, September 19, 2019

Professional logo designer

The logo has become an essential element for a company

 “It becomes the cherry of a bigger cake, which is the corporate identity, everything that makes it possible to differentiate and identify a company from the rest at a visual and conceptual level,” designer and typographer winner of biennial design to international level.

I really believes that a logo is the executive summary of how much you want to express as a company. In some cases it is a very sophisticated abstraction of the brand.

"Actually the logo contributes very little to the identity, but it does contribute to the construction of the value that distinguishes the company in an aspect of corroboration of the name, or as a seal equivalent to a firm," says a professional logo designer, CEO from the design studio Kimera. "The autograph is worth the fame, prestige and feats or feats of the signature, not as beautiful or ugly as the signature." In summary, what nourishes the memory of the market is the experience of the brand, just what tries to synthesize your corporate seal.
Professional logo design

The logo does not solve everything, although it does typify it: the purpose is to present a name and image to remember. “The execution of the elements involved in the operation of the business build brand; the logo only certifies it, gives it a practical reference, ”adds the director of Kimera.

The investment in your logo as a long-term brand engine is after the foundation of the company. It occurs gradually and in tune with the evolution of the organization, subject to changes as the years, successes and business lines pass. In addition, there is something to keep in mind: the brand is a sales pitch in itself; If you can do without it to close the negotiation, then it has no value.

However, there is a demand for sensitivity and taste in visual matters when planning your logo and the rest of your corporate identity - in which the hallmark of the brand is correlated.


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