Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How do real estate agents find buyers?

Make your client pay more attention to the value of the property than the price.

Expert real estate agents know that real estate advertising on the Internet is no longer what it was. For this reason, they have quickly adapted to include in their ads on real estate portals, social networks and classified sites, emotional descriptions of their properties. Customers have become more sophisticated or perhaps more cautious when requesting information. Today buyers give enough importance to comfort, quality of life, the area, orientation and security of a property. They know that price influences what they can buy; but they are willing to make a small sacrifice if the property is worth it.

Giving value to a property is what expert real estate agents know how to do. They know that the service they provide is essential and interprets their customers' desires even more. These agents take care to add value to their properties and know that this value is in the small details. In real estate sales, small keys open huge doors. In other words: small details close big sales and retain good customers.

Expert Real Estate Agents Now Talk about Feelings.

Emotional descriptions? Yes. Now what premium is what the property can do for the client; Not what the property is. Expert real estate agents are improving their skills and know how to extract the benefits of the characteristics of a property. They have worried about learning to write ads that seem to be drawn from a love story. Real estate ads that generate many more requests for information than before.

This link explains part of that process and why customers prefer that they get to the feelings and not the pocket with homes on offer. Expert real estate agents will remain experts because they do not mind trying new alternatives in order to continue selling today, tomorrow and next week in a professional manner.

Adding value is in creating a purchase process that is a pleasant experience for the buyer. The added value ensures that the client perceives the value of the property in excess of its price. To add added value, focus on following these instructions:

1. Take a sheet of paper and start drawing the commercial process that your customers follow from the moment they see the ad until they sign the purchase sale contract. Step by step.

2. Make a description of the details that must be met at each stage of the sales and customer service process.

3. Identify the stages in which the client may feel lost, abandoned or simply restless; Those are your real moments.

4. Make a list of 3 improvements that you can do in all those stages.

5. Focus now on the final stage; the farewell. Think about how you can make the experience of buying a property unforgettable.

6. Write a small script where you can tell in detail how you want your clients to be treated.

The Expert Real Estate Agent Wants to be Unique.

The new trend in real estate is not to seek to be the best, but to be unique. The expert real estate agent manages to excel in the market for some element that makes him different, not for trying to copy the existing business models that obviously will not generate the same results.

There is much more than the price when buying a property. And the most demanding consumers are willing to pay more for what gives them extra value. You have found this extra value by discovering what your competition in your area does not do.

To define the differentiating element, expert real estate agents visit all the websites of their competition, observe their online and offline marketing campaigns to find out what they are NOT doing; what need or desire is in the market that is not being met and that they can meet.

In this search for something different they have realized that real estate content marketing is where they can be different and better. Providing valuable information to create a database of potential clients and then converting them with email marketing is a strategy that few agents carry out.


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