Friday, September 13, 2019

Design Meaningful logo for your Business

Design Meaningful logo for your Business

Design Meaningful logo for your Business

I'm going to show you some images with really good logos and meaning. So you can get logo ideas and use them to apply them to your project through one of the programs to make online logos that we will see below.

How to make a logo
You already know the importance of a logo and all the questions you have to ask your client to face the project with guarantees, so the time has come to get into flour. 

Designing a logo requires a process, each designer has his own so you will have to find your own way of working, but in broad strokes the main stages are:

Search, analysis and brainstorming

In this second step we will analyze the competition, its strengths, weaknesses, its logos, corporate colors, etc. And we will begin to point out ideas that occur to us, at this point we must not discard anything, everything that occurs to us can be useful later.

Digitization of the design
Once we have clear the message we want to send and we have successfully translated the concept into the sketches, we can start digitizing it in a vector design program, the most used in the sector is Abobe Illustrator but there are others such as Corel Draw or Inkscape that will serve you equally.

Send the proposal to the client
There are designers who send 2, 3 or more proposals to the client, I advise against it. The designer who has gone through the entire previous process knows what the successful design is and that is what the client should stay, if we give him several possibilities to choose, several things can happen, on the one hand that is not decided, on the other side that comes up with new ideas and worst of all, ask us for a mix of two different logos. To avoid all this I usually send a single logo. If for whatever reason you don't like it, there will be time to send you some more options.

Design review and final touch-ups
Once the client gives us the approval, it is time to polish the details or apply the modifications that we have been able to suggest.

Preparation and shipment of material
The different versions of the logo are prepared (jpg, png, eps, pdf) the user manual in case you have hired it and everything is sent to the client.


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