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How can i design a logo for your Business or Brand

Tips and steps to design a good logo, with examples

Designing a logo may seem quick and easy, in fact some clients try to save themselves a little money by making their company logo themselves instead of hiring a professional designer, however, making a good quality logo has its difficulty.

Before entering into the subject you must understand that agood logo reflects the values ​​of the brand through the use of shapes, colors and fonts. Its objective is to inspire confidence and recognition and help the company to separate itself from the competition. We must be very careful when designing a logo because if it is well done it will fulfill its function and will give us benefits, but if it is not the effect it will be the opposite, a badly made logo will give feeling of abandonment and lack of seriousness.

design a logo for your Business or Brand

Personally, whenever I see a “bungling” logo, I think that if that company takes care of the other aspects of its business, just as they take care of their corporate image, we go wrong

What is a logo?

We usually use the word logo to refer to any visual representation of a brand, be it an icon, a text or a mixture of both. However, this is not entirely correct. "A peculiar graphic symbol of a company, commemoration, brand or product".

A logo is the graphic representation of a brand that is formed only by letters. For example, Coca-Cola, Disney or Canon.
design a logo for your Business or Brand

It is a graphic representation that contains a pictographic and a textual element. Therefore, the latter is legible and the former is not. See the brand image.

The isotype is the visual representation of a brand when it is formed by an image. You cannot read, there is no text. It is a badge that is recognized with the naked eye. The most recognizable example is the Apple apple.

Main features that a good logo should have
We have already become aware of the importance of the logo and what it should represent. Now you must know the basic principles that must be taken into account to make a correct design:

Simplicity helps make it easily recognizable and memorable. Overloaded or complex designs are more difficult to assimilate.

Some tips to keep your logo simple:
·         Use a maximum of three colors.
·         Get rid of what is not strictly necessary.
·         Choose an easy to read typeface.
·         Do not use effects such as gradients and parallel shadows.

design a logo for your Business or Brand

 If the logo is going to be used on the web or in places where it admits any concrete effect (reflections, 3D, etc.) you will have time to adapt it later, but the original version should be as simple as possible.

This is one of the main purposes of the logo, that people recognize and remember it.
Tips to make it memorable:

  • It should somehow represent the services offered by the company.
  • Think of the audience you are going to go to and design based on that.
  • Avoid including too many elements, think that a logo should be simple.
  • The logo must be versatile
  • It must be valid for all types of media, it should work on the web, printed on a business card, sewn on a pole, etc. Tips to get it:
  • Fundamental, make it vector.
  • This will allow you to re-scale it to any size without losing quality.
  • For this same reason avoid inserting raster images, or the day you have to enlarge the logo you will have a problem.
  • It should look good in black and white. Also if you invert the colors. Check that it works even if you change its dimensions.
  • A logo must be appropriate

It may seem obvious but I know designers who often skip this point. Do not miss what circulates there.

To ensure that the design is appropriate I advise you:

  •  Think of the audience to which it will be directed.
  • Always keep in mind what the company wants to convey.
  • Avoid including items that can be misunderstood.

·    Once the logo is finished, show it to someone in case she sees something that has escaped you, and better if that person is not the client ...

Before you start designing
When you are commissioned to design a logo it is important to focus the project correctly from the beginning, so you will optimize your time, be closer to making a good design and avoid further problems with the client. For planning to be effective there are a number of questions that your client must answer before you start designing.

As the client answers questions you will realize that every time you have a clearer idea of ​​what you want, what you need and how you are going to focus it.

This category will help you get a general idea of ​​what the company is like, in which market it operates, what its competitors are like and what their competitive advantages are.

What is the name of your company / product?
  1. In which sector do you develop your activity? Agriculture, industry, software, marketing, etc.
  2. What services do you provide?
  3. What products do you sell?
  4. How old is the company? If it is a new creation, you will have to design the logo from scratch, if it already has a considerable age, you will surely have to adapt to certain colors or to some identifying element that is already consolidated.

1.       Number of employees the company has?
2.      It will help you know the approximate size.
3.      Why was the company founded? What were your goals?
4.      Who is your main competitor?
5.      How are you better than the competition? What are you weakest about?
6.      Why do you think a customer should choose your company before your rivals?
7.      Are there any competitors you admire? Why?
8.      How do you imagine your company will be in 5 years?
9.      Does the name of the company have any special meaning? How did it come about?

1.  What is the main audience to which the company's services or products are currently directed? It is of no use if they tell you that their target are people of all ages, of high economic level but without neglecting the medium and low levels and of both sexes ... ask them to be specific.
2.   Is the company reaching its audience well? Are your products more successful in a different audience than the one you are trying to reach? Are you happy with the target you reach or   want to change that audience?
3.   What is the target audience you would like to reach?
4.   Men or women? Aproximated age? Place of residence? Economic level?
5.   Education level?
What advertising media does the company use?
1.   How does the client get to know the company?
2.   Advertising on the internet, radio, press, word of mouth, social networks, etc.

If the company that hires you already has a logo, the questions in this category will help you understand how it was designed, what it was intended to convey and why the colors, shapes and typography it uses. So you can decide if there are usable elements, elements that must be followed in the new design or if you are going to break completely with the current design.

  •  Do you have a logo right now?
  •  If yes, what elements would you like to keep?
  • Typography, colors, shape, etc.
  • Why does your current logo use those colors, shapes and typography?
  • Why do you want to redesign your logo?
  • Is it outdated?
  • Does it not correctly represent the values ​​of the company?
  •  Do you want to address another audience?
  • What does your current logo represent? What do you intend to convey?
  • How long is your current logo?
  • Does the company have any slogan that should be included in the logo?
  • What do you think is the word that best describes your company? Why?
  • If your client had to describe your company with a single word, what would it be?           Why?
  • Why would you like your company to be known? For being fast, supportive, effective,    creative, innovative, young, experienced, etc.

These questions will help you understand the client's point of view regarding the design and, based on their answers, you can focus your work so that the client receives what he expects.

Real Estate Logo Design
A Professional logo designer
  • What colors do you like for the logo? Why?
  • Where will the logo be used primarily? On a website, in corporate stationery, in print advertising, vehicle signage, etc.
  • What logos do you like? Why? That they give you concrete examples.
  • What logos do you NOT like? Why? The same, with examples.
  • Are there any elements that you would like to include in the logo?
  • Is there any element that should be avoided in the logo?
  • In your opinion, what is the main objective of a logo? What characteristics must it have to be a good logo?
  • What main values ​​of the company should the logo convey? dynamism, youth, class, sobriety, innovation, strength, joy, speed, tradition, elegance, etc.

Budget and general conditions
In most cases these questions will only be applicable to companies of a considerable size. With SMEs or freelancers it is often difficult to receive answers to some of these questions.

  • How many proposals do you need?
  • How many revisions do you want to make?
  • When does the logo have to be ready?
  • If you had to choose, what is more important?
  • Price, quality or speed of delivery?
  • Do you need complementary services to the logo design?
  • Business cards, stationery, signage, etc.
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